Northfield School places a strong emphasis on learning Science and helping students achieve their full potential in this subject. Students will be taught Science at Key Stage 3 from Year 7 through to Year 9. When students enter Year 10 they will begin their GCSE course and will take their exams in Science in Year 11. Students receive four hours of Science lessons per week and this will involve a range of practical and theory based lessons to help engage students.


At Key Stage 3 students are following the Activate programme of study which is designed to match the 2014 Key Stage 3 Programme of study and to help prepare our students for success in the new GCSE’s. Students will follow a three year course of study and this course allows teacher’s to track their students’ progress throughout the whole course using innovative and reliable assessment and learning resources.
All Students will be supported through the use of differentiated tasks and the consolidation of core concepts through engaging practical activities which allows students to develop the practical skills in preparation for Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 3 Programme of study

Year 7
  • Term 1 - Biology
    • Cells
    • Structure and function of body systems
    • Reproduction
  • Term 2 - Chemistry
    • Particles and their behaviour
    • Elements, atoms and compounds
    • Reactions
    • Acids and alkalis
  • Term 3 - Physics
    • Forces
    • Sound
    • Light
    • Space
Year 8
  • Term 1 - Biology
    • Health and Lifestyle
    • Ecosystem Processes
    • Adaptation and Inheritance
  • Term 2-Chemistry
    • The Periodic Table
    • Separation Techniques
    • Metals and Acids
    • The Earth
  • Term 3-Physics
    • Electricity and Magnetism
    • Energy
    • Motion and Pressure
Year 9
  • Term 1-Biology
    • New Technology in Biology
    • Turning points in Biology
    • Detection
  • Term 2-Chemistry
    • New technology in Chemistry
    • Turning points in Chemistry
    • Detection
  • Term 3-Physics
    • New technology in Physics
    • Turning points in Physics
    • Detection


At Key Stage 4 students will be completing a two-year single Science GCSE.  The Science GCSE comprises of the three separate units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics along with a piece of coursework called a Controlled Assessment. To obtain their GCSE, students will complete a written exam in each of the separate units of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. To complete their Controlled Assessment, students will need to plan, carry out, make conclusions and evaluate a scientific investigation.


At Northfield School students benefit from the opportunity of having Science lessons taught in the Science Lab. The Science lab caters specifically for students to complete a whole range of different practical lessons along with being able to witness scientific demonstrations being given by their teachers which adds to their learning experience. Right from when they first start at Northfield School, students will be able to get ‘hands-on’ experience with using different equipment and chemicals. This is essential for when students reach Key Stage 4 where they will have to complete a practical investigation for their GCSE coursework and will also provide valuable practical skills.


In Year 9, students will be offered the opportunity to take part in the annual Science Trip. In the summer term students will be taken on a 5 day residential trip to Pembrokeshire in Wales where students will get the opportunity to participate in completing scientific experiments in one of the most beautiful parts of our country. Whilst there, students will participate in rock pool studies, sand dune transects, population studies as well as visits to the coastal towns of Tenby and Milford Haven. Students will also get the opportunity to visit Skomer Island (weather dependent) along with a trip to Oakwood Theme Park.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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