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Art & Physical Education Trip to Cornwall 2014
This was the second visit to Cornwall following the success of the trip in 2013. Eight students and three staff made the journey to The Lizard where they spent five days sight-seeing and adventuring around the beautiful Cornish Coastline. In the evenings the group stayed the night in the local Lizard YHA. The boys spent the majority of their days being guided through challenging physical and mental activities by ‘Lizard Adventure’. This meant that the students and staff tried their hands at Coastearing, Surfing, Cliff Jumping and Bushcraft. When not involved in physical activity the group spent time taking photographs, relaxing and making lunches for the next day or cooking evening meals. The group also visited The Tate Art Gallery and Barbara Hepworth Museum where they took part in a clay modelling session with an expert tutor. And to top it all, the group enjoyed ‘Fish n Chips’ on the beach.
RWS Reward Trip to Wembley Stadium
In March 2015, two year eight students who were following a reading, writing and spelling intervention were given an incentive for a trip to visit Wembley Stadium.
 They had to consistently, over a nine week period; attend, remain focused and complete all the set work in every session.  Both boys achieved this before the nine weeks!

As well as this being very enjoyable for the students, it was also a valuable life experience for them travelling on the tube from Hillingdon; which neither student had done before.

The tour took 75 minutes and it included:
  • Fantastic photo opportunities from some of the best views in the stadium
  • Visiting the changing rooms, and sensing the history
  • Experiencing the tension of the Players Tunnel
  • Sitting in the ‘hot seat’ in the Press Room
  • Having photos taken with the FA Cup
A quote from Jordan “It was epic!”
Northfield School Ski Trip – Santa Caterina, Italy 2015
In February 2015 Northfield School introduced its first ever ski trip. Six students and three members of staff departed from Gatwick Airport to Milan Airport in Italy. For four of the six students this was their first time on an aeroplane, and this brought much excitement.

From Milan Airport we had a four hour transfer up the Italian mountains to the small ski resort of Santa Caterina. Santa Caterina is situated in Northern Italy, in the region of Lombardia, and is in the heart of the Italian Alps. It has 35km of piste and heights of up to 3000 meters. Santa Caterina was a beautiful and unaffected Alpine ski resort with cobbled streets and majestic scenery.

Students had attended two beginners ski lessons at Milton Keynes indoor snow zone prior to the trip and were therefore familiar with how to put their skis on, how to slow down and how to turn (or in some cases fall over in style!).

On the first morning the students and staff were met by their ski instructor for the week, the very Italian ‘Alberto’. The students were quick to progress and rapidly developed a trust in the teaching by Alberto. The first two days were spent practising their skills on the nearby ‘blue runs’ and by the end of the week the students were free skiing ‘red runs’ from 3000 metres and taking on extensive jumps and aerials !!  On day four the students were provided with the opportunity to ski a section of the World Cup Down Hill course. On the final day the students took part in an international slalom race with full commentary, needless to say they all excelled. Alberto was hugely impressed by the student’s attitude and commented that he had never challenged a group so much.

In the evening students usually had time for themselves, to relax and recover from a hard days skiing before dinner was served in the hotel. Evening activities then followed such as ice skating, sledging, a pizza evening and a trip into the local town of Bormio.

The whole trip was a huge success, which provided students with the opportunity to visit a foreign country, eat foreign food and learn to speak a few words of another language. The students gained valuable life skills which they can carry forward into their future lives. Not least, they all returned to England as competent skiers.

Some comments from the students:

“One of my best moments was seeing my teacher dramatically fall over, my favourite moment was skiing in a ‘white-out’ at 3000 metres over the mountain called Sunny Valley….The experience was life changing because I conquered my fear of heights”.
Haydn Tobin Yr8

“I liked skiing a lot and I got to go on a plane for the first time and was able to sit next to the window. I would really like to go skiing again”.
Korome Barlow Yr8

“I enjoyed it very much; the best part was the actual skiing”.
Tyirie Allen Yr11

“It was a very life changing experience, because I don’t think I’ll ever get to go again. I enjoyed being treated like an adult and being trusted. I didn’t enjoy the cold though but the ‘white – out’ was awesome!”.
Olly Collins Yr11
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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