Students at Northfield have the right to an education which offers them the best opportunity to achieve and be successful learners.  Teachers and classroom assistants are here to create the circumstances for this to happen.  It is the right of every student here to do these things without being hindered by others. In order for this to happen, it is essential that every student at Northfield School follows the Code of Conduct below:
  • Arrive to class on time
  • Remain in class all lesson
  • Complete work set
  • Be in the correct uniform
  • Have a note if they are out of class
  • Show respect for themselves and others
  • Carry and fill in a report sheet
  • Show respect for staff and people in authority
  • Act in a manner, which does not endanger themselves or others
  • Remain on the School Site
  • Remove outdoor clothing
  • Work together
  • Bully
  • Use verbal abuse
  • Use physical violence
  • Endanger themselves or others
  • Disrupt others education
  • Play truant
  • Use threatening behaviour
  • Steal or damage property
  • Engage in sexist or racist behaviour
  • Have facial piercings
  • Bring chewing gum to school
If a student does not behave appropriately the member of staff will follow the procedure:
  1. They will ask the student to stop behaving as they are. 
  2. They will point out to the student that if they don’t stop they will lose points on their daily report sheet.
  3. They will inform the student that if the behaviour continues they may be withdrawn from class.
  4. They will call for support and have the student removed from class

The School acts in association with the document “Searching, Screening and Confiscation - Advice for Headteachers, School Staff and Governing bodies” - February 2014. If staff suspects a student has brought a prohibited item to school then they may be searched and the item confiscated.  Such items are:
  • Weapons, eg knives
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs
  • Stolen goods
  • Tobacco products, eg cigarettes
  • E- cigarettes
  • Pornographic images
  • Fireworks
  • Anything that has been, or is likely to be, used to cause injury or commit an offence
  • Anything banned in the school rules, which includes:
    • Mobile phones
    • Laptops and tablets
    • Computer games
    • Personal stereos / IPod's / MP3 players or similar
    • Lighters / matches
    • Fidget Spinners

All students who receive a taxi to and from school must remain in their taxi at all times. Students are expected to follow the same rules and procedures that they follow at school when they are in their taxi, students are expected to treat the taxi drivers and escorts with politeness and respect. Any verbal or physical abuse, threatening behaviour or behaviour causing a distraction when in a taxi may result in the removal of the taxi service for the student.

Any students who cycle or scoot to school MUST wear a safety helmet. This is compulsory and for the safety of the students, any student who does not comply will not be able to arrive to school via a bicycle or scooter.

Students are not permitted to ride a 'Segway hoverboard' to school or any other similar device.


Mobile phones are not permitted in school.

The only exception is for some Year 11 students who may bring them in as a privilege. Year 11 are permitted to bring them in to school providing:
  • They hand them in on arrival at school,
  • They walk to school or they are in a taxi on their own or they travel on public transport to school.
Students who share a taxi with other students or are not in Year 11 may not bring a phone to school. 

The school accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of phones brought into school by students.


Detentions during school time and after school may be given as a result of unacceptable behaviour or misconduct. Teachers and form tutors will always liaise with parents and carers if they wish to organise an afterschool detention for a student.

Schools have legal backing to detain students after the end of a school session on disciplinary grounds without the consent of the parent. If a parent does not give consent for their child to be in an afterschool detention school must, by law, give at least 24 hours' notice of a detention to the parent in writing.

Although the school must have regard to the availability of suitable travel arrangements after a detention, the responsibility for making those arrangements lies with the parent. The school does not have to pay.


Northfield School has a system of rewards and sanctions in place including a whole school privilege system.  This is necessary in order for the school to help define acceptable boundaries within which students and teachers can work, thus helping students to reach their full academic and social potential.

It may be necessary on occasions for the Headteacher to exclude a student and he reserves the right to do so.  This decision is never taken lightly but will be the result of a far reaching assessment of the situation.

Actions which may result in either a fixed term or permanent exclusion may include:
  • Acts of violence
  • Acts endangering the safety of self and/or others
  • Bullying
  • Vandalism
  • Drug related activity.
  • Persistent refusal to comply with school rules
Northfield School aims to work with parents/guardians in a partnership in order to support the young people on roll. 

Before a student is re-admitted into school following a fixed term exclusion parents/guardians may be invited to attend, with the student, a meeting to discuss a programme of re-integration, outlining expectations so that this happens within a positive and supportive framework.


Occasionally a teacher or other member of staff may need to use a physical intervention to prevent a student from injuring him/herself, injuring another student or damaging property or to remove a student who is persistently causing a disruption; this is an action of care.  Its purpose must be to avert immediate danger, and the element of force involved must not be more than is reasonably necessary in the circumstances.

Staff at Northfield School are trained to look after the pupils in their care. If a member of staff ever needs to intervene physically they will follow the school’s Positive Handling Policy. Staff will have annual training in the proper use of Physical Management provided by GSA training, in the Specialist Therapeutic Management of Physical Violence and Aggression.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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