Privilege System
Northfield School prides itself on the rewards programme that it offers to every student. It underpins the everyday behaviour, effort and attitude of the students.  The privilege system supports and challenges students to achieve their best and in return there is a financial incentive and a tangible activity that they can earn at the end of each week.

Students are responsible for a daily report sheet that monitors their appropriate language, attitude to learning and quality of work in each lesson. It is possible to gain a maximum of 100 points per day and this equates to a possible 100p/£1 a day being earned by the students. Any money that the students earn is placed into a school bank account in their name. At the end of year 11 students will be presented with a cheque for the amount earned at the school’s annual Prize Giving. On occasions it is possible that students will make a contribution from their bank account to support their own education such as school trips, music equipment or sports equipment.

Friday afternoon of each week is when students take part in a privilege activity that they have earned through the week. The more points that a student earns allows them to have a higher choice of activity. Activities change throughout the year, these consist of:
  • Go-Karts
  • Radio-Controlled cars
  • ICT
  • Football
  • Cooking
  • Gaming room
  • Music (Drumming/DJing)
  • Lego
  • Fitness
  • Darts/Pool
For any student that breaks the school’s Behaviour Code of Conduct there are incident points given. These points are weighted depending on the severity of the incident and are deducted from the student’s overall points for the week impacting upon the financial and tangible rewards.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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