Northfield School Music Department’s aims are to recognise and study the production and use of music in the world around us. We will explore the skills and their application required in the music industry including radio, film and television, computer games and musical performance. We aim to assist students in achieving their full potential in their chosen musical interests which may include instrument playing skills, music production skills or related media skills.

At Northfield School we have a fully equipped recording studio so that we can teach Music Technology and also record, edit and mix performances of student’s work. We have a large music room to teach musical instruments relevant to Pop, Rock and Hip – Hop music including acoustic and electronic drum kits, piano and keyboards and guitars. We also have a third music room equipped with Apple Mac PCs to teach music programming, composition and other media skills including film and radio editing.

Years 7

Students develop their knowledge and understanding of making programming music on various Digital Audio Workstations including Garageband, Logic Pro and Pro-Tools. They will compose their own three minute piece of music in a style of their choice and in doing so students will learn about tempo, dynamics, musical structure and arrangement. Students in Years 7 will also learn basic Apple Mac computer skills.

Students will be taught to play a musical instrument of their choice to Trinity College Music Grade 1 and 2 standards, the most popular being drum kit, bass guitar and piano. They will play pop songs together and discover how such songs are structured and performed. Students will also learn how to record, edit and mix their performance to create a mastered CD of their work.

Years 8 and 9

In years 8 and 9 students will learn about music use in different media including film, advertising and radio broadcasting. They will learn to produce and record their own sound effects, voice over and music for these media forms. They will discuss and understand how music is used effectively in each of these fields. Students will produce their own radio show, advert or short film.

Students will analyse the structure of Pop, Rock and Hip – Hop songs and will learn to identify key features of the different sections of the songs, also developing their performance techniques used in songs with their chosen instrument. They will use this understanding to start writing and composing their own songs.

Students will be taught to play a musical instrument of their choice to Trinity College Music Grade 3 and 4 standards.

Extra-Curricular opportunities

At Northfield all students are given the opportunity to engage in individual musical instrument lessons including drum kit, bass, singing and music technology. Many students achieve Trinity College Music Grades which carry UCAS points.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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