Northfield School went to town this year participating in a variety of activities over two days to raise money for Sports Relief whilst having fun and getting fit.

On Thursday the 17th a great time was had by all who took part in our sports relief relay marathon. 26 students and 15 members of staff ran a mile..... or three! With some of us finding it a little easier than others!  It was an amazing site to see so many of our students having a great time and putting so much effort into their runs.

 We are, as you should be, very proud of them.

On Friday the 18th we had our Northfield school café up and running once again. As well has having an abundance of cakes and drinks to buy there was a variety of activities for students and staff to participate in. Whilst sitting back eating, drinking and chatting with friends you could have your face painted, do some calming colouring, guess how many sweets were in the jar and try to guess which was Jo Brands favourite form of exercise (apparently it was Squash!).

The two days were a great success and so far we have raised £125.00, yet we expect this to rise once we have collected all the sponsorship money in.
Thank you for helping give your child the opportunity to participate in a national fund raising scheme.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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