Dear Parent / Carer,
I am writing to update you on arrangements for the continuing education of your child at Northfield School from Tuesday 17th April.
As you know, the decision was taken to close the school in the run up to the Easter holidays due to health and safety concerns. Some damage was caused to an asbestos ceiling in a corridor and specialist contractors have now carried out repairs and confirmed that the affected area is safe. We have also received assurance that the risk to pupils and staff as a result of the damage is extremely low.
However, following a full assessment of other issues relating to the condition of the main school buildings, Oxfordshire County Council has concluded that as they stand, they are no longer a suitable environment for teaching and learning to take place, and should remain closed while more suitable accommodation can be found for the children.
This means that until further notice, and at least until the end of the summer term, lessons will be restricted to the existing classroom detached from the main school, as well as two new mobile classrooms provided by the council.
Due to the reduced teaching space, we will unfortunately need to operate a part-time timetable for Years Six to 10 next week (from Tuesday 17th April). All Year 11 students will receive a full timetable. Plans are being made for as many additional lessons as possible to increase the teaching time for all pupils. Staff will be in touch with you over the next few days to discuss the arrangements we have made for your child.
We are working with the council to identify a longer-term solution and to ensure all pupils can return to a full-time timetable as swiftly as possible. This could involve lessons taking place at alternative sites for some pupils, and I will update you on further developments as soon as I can.
I would like to apologise again for this ongoing situation and assure you that both Oxfordshire County Council and Northfield School are determined to keep the impact on your child’s education to an absolute minimum while these matters are addressed and a longer term solution can be put in place.
I will continue to update you with further information regarding ongoing arrangements for your child’s education. If you would like to get in touch to discuss these matters further, please contact the school.
Tristan Powell
Deputy Head teacher
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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