School Closure March 2018
With the support of the Local Authority, I have taken the decision to close the school to students for the remaining three days of this term, with effect from Tuesday 27th March 2018.

The difficult decision to close the school to students was not taken lightly and has been made on Health and Safety grounds.

I wish to apologise to parents and carers for the inconvenience and impact that this may cause but please rest assure that all efforts are being made to rectify the situation.

In the absence of students, staff will be working hard to further develop what is offered at Northfield and to plan for a successful Summer Term.
Students are expected to return to school on Tuesday 17th April 2018 at the normal time of 8:30am. If there are any changes to the current plan I will keep you updated.

I hope that all students have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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