The teaching of ICT at Northfield School aims not only to focus on the mastering of capability with technical skills and techniques but also ensures students understand and apply these skills purposefully, safely and responsibly in everyday life and employment.

We try to develop learners who can use ICT to find, develop and present information as well solving problems. We incorporate the teaching of basic and more complex computer skills through Microsoft Office and give students the opportunity to try programming through Scratch.

Key Stage 2 and 3

Teaching follows guidance from the new curriculum and incorporates a range of skills that are important as part of the ever expanding technological world.

We teach students how to use Microsoft Office programs confidently and competently as well as more programming and creative based skills through programs such as Scratch and Pivot Animator.

Key Stage 4

We offer students the opportunity to complete a GCSE in ICT through the Edexcel exam board. The GCSE builds on work they will have done in previous years and its content is primarily focused around today’s technological world.

As part of the GCSE students need to complete a controlled assessment which allows them some creative freedom to produce a range of ICT based products. Students also have an exam which they will take at the end of the two year course.

We have three ICT suites for the students to access during focused ICT lessons and as part of other curriculum subjects. All classrooms are fitted with Interactive whiteboards which allow for fun and engaging lessons.

Below is a link to the scratch website. This is a program we use to teach programming. It is free to download.


http://www.teach-ict.com/ quizzes and revision pages for GCSE ICT
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