At Northfield we believe that Humanities has a vital role to play in the educational and personal development of our students. The study of History, Geography and Religious Studies offers unique opportunities for our students to develop the skills which enable them to understand and positively engage in the world in which they live. Every student is valued for who they are and what they can bring to the lessons. We have high expectations for their learning and they will be encouraged to become independent learners whatever their need. The lessons will include a variety of learning opportunities which enable our students to learn to question what they hear and see, as well as the ability to make informed opinions and decisions. They will also learn the skills of discussion; having the opportunity to practice listening to the views of others and to manage disagreement; being able to voice their opinions and evidence what they think, and to work as a group. All this will enable them to build their self-esteem and inspire them to learn more.

Our History Curriculum:

In Key Stage 3 students start in Year 7 with the Norman invasion of Britain, including an in depth study of castles which involves a trip to Warwick Castle and the dungeons which all the boys enjoy. We then look at Medieval Britain, including feudalism, the Black Death, the Peasant’s Revolt and the Magna Carta. In Year 8 and 9 we study the First and Second World Wars, The Black Peoples of the Americas, the Civil Rights Movement and also look in depth at Nazi Germany and the Holocaust which is widened out to look at more recent genocides.

Our Religious Studies Curriculum:

At Key Stage 3 our students have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of the 5 main World religions and learn to compare and contrast them, helping them develop tolerance and understading of the society they live in. The course includes visits to different places of worship, giving students an opportunity to put their learning into context.

Our Geography Curriculum:

At Key Stage 3, students have the opportunity to explore the different human, physical and environmental aspects of Geography. They start with studying the Earth, looking at urbanisation and the difficulties developing countries face. Students also have the opportunity to study the UK, looking at it’s population and weather. We also study the economic differences people experience across the islands and students take a closer look at their capital city.
KS4 Geography.
For the first time at Northfield, we are introducing an Entry Level Geography at Key Stage 4. It assessed internally through two projects and an assessment question. It involves a field study of Blackbird Leys; teaching students the skills of how to use primary and secondary methods of research and covering topics of housing, jobs and crime. This gives students the opportunity to get out into their community and develop their social skills with members of the public and the police.
We also look at the global physical geography topics of tectonics, flooding, deforestation and population growth.  
Having embedded Geography skills and knowledge in Key Stage 3 over the next two years we are hoping to also introduce the option for a Geography GCSE in the near future.
Acting Headteacher: Mr. Powell

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